Prodigy Board

Professional A.I development board

Prodigy Board

Prodigy Board


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  • Artificial Intelligent functions using neuromorphic device (NM500)
    • Default 2 NM500 and extension available up to 8 NM500 using nepes NeuroBrick*
    • (NeuroBrick* : Neuromorphic extension board)
  • Provides development environment for Artificial Intelligent system
    • VISION : 5M-pixel camera sensor – ISP embedded
    • SOUND : Audio MEMS embedded
  • Available to use in variety of development platforms
    • Hardware : PC, Mobile, User embedded board
    • OS : Windows, Linux, Android, iOS
  • Variety interface support (USB2.0, HDMI, uSD, SPI)

Door detection

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Block Diagram


Hardware Specification

Power source 12V/1.5A (Power Adapter included)
Neuromorphic device default 2 NM500s
FPGA LFE5U-25F (25K LEs)
Image Sensor 5M-pixel
MIC Sensor PDM Audio MEMS
Memory DDR3-1Gb
Display HDMI v1.4 (720p, mini connector)
Back-Up uSD Card & NOR Flash

SDK and Tools

The nepes NM500 Software Development Kit allows you to manage nepes NM500 neuromorphic chip and implement custom solutions by using libraries, utilities, and programming interfaces provided with the nepes NM500 Software Development Kit.

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