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Brilliant USB is an easy to use Artificial Intelligence evaluation and development tool. Thanks to the NeuroMem H/W Artificial Intelligence technology, it has compact USB memory type form factor easily inserted into the standard USB port of your PC/Labtop to develop A.I enabled application instantly.

No need to learn complicated algorithm programming such as C++ or Python, it uses graphical user interface software called “Knowledge Studio” which is as easy as using powerpoint or photo editing S/W.

Automatic Object Classification with NM500

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Features Standard USB2.0 support
Highspeed access to NM500
Support up to 4 NM500s(2,304 neurons)
On-board Flash memory for FPGA image updating & Knowledge backup
Supports Knowledge Studio

Hardware Specification

Power 5V (USB)
AI 1 or 4 NM500s
BackUp NOR Flash

SDK and Tools

The nepes NM500 Software Development Kit allows you to manage nepes NM500 neuromorphic chip and implement custom solutions by using libraries, utilities, and programming interfaces provided with the nepes NM500 Software Development Kit.

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